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It not even necessarily literal, in the same way it wasn literal when Jacob interpreted a dream of seven thin cows eating seven fat cows. Not everything is designed to be literal. I think you need to get over that hurdle if you want to understand the story that the Bible tells.


Overnight accommodations are provided in Yellowstone Park. The next day, enjoy a tour of the park, featuring the Yellowstone Canyon, waterfalls, hot springs, geysers and active volcanoes. Day four attractions include a trip to Mammoth Hot Springs to view the colorful lava flow from extinct volcanoes, and then onto Gillette, Wyoming.

You can use white vinegar on leather shoes for general cleaning. You must condition the leather after cleaning with vinegar to keep the leather soft and supple. Road salt during the winter can be removed from the shoes with a solution of one part white vinegar and one part water sprayed onto the shoes.

Second a nickname is a great way for an athlete to connect with a fan. The fans will come up with a nickname for a player sort of a sign of appreciation and when they chant a player's nickname the player will feel appreciated. Lastly nicknames are good because they will tell you something about the player.

Some Denverites spend more money on camping equipment than their entire wardrobe. However, you can still manage to shop 'til you drop in the Mile High City at one of these top shopping centers. From the luxury labels of Cherry Creek to the discount prices of Colorado Mills, there's a store for every style and budget.


If the hall of famer can dedicate himself to Prieto and not succumb to stardom's many distractions, it's very possible that this marriage could work similar to that with the Chicago Bulls. I don't know about you, but I sure as hell would like to see Jordan with a win again. View profile


Agreed wholeheartedly. Came here to say pretty much that exactly, word for word. All to their own opinions, but the guy never said to "Support Invisible Children", but to raise awareness of a crime to humanity.

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, horses were used for anything from delivery vans, stagecoaches, and even hauling water tanks to fires. But imagine horses in a city, the manure across the streets, the feed needed to keep horses alive, the horrible life they had hauling, being whipped so they would keep going. Then when Henry Ford finally made an affordable car and the car saved the horse.

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