energy!  passion!  inspiration!

Dubbed the personal branding guru by the media and clients alike, William Arruda is a sought-after speaker on the topics of branding, career advancement, social media and employee motivation. Combining his twenty years’ corporate branding experience with his passion for the people, he founded Reach, the global leader in personal branding. William engages, motivates and inspires audiences with his unique blend of wit, story telling and humor.

“William Arruda is one of the most passionate and enthusiastic presenters I have ever worked with. He delivered a dynamic, authentic, humorous and most importantly insightful presentation to our team. Personal branding for William is a way of life … and that shows! I am personally still amazed at his impact days after having heard him speak. I recommend him to any organization that seeks to invigorate, motivate and engage their management teams.”  – Jane Swift, Director, Executive Network, British Telecom

Just as every brand is unique, each presentation William delivers is customized. He’s not satisfied unless his clients are ecstatic.